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5 ways to stay in touch with associate news, best practices, and more

There’s a lot going on in the Associates Program—we’re always working to develop new features, tools, and resources to help you make the most of your affiliate marketing. If you’ve ever worried you were missing important updates, or wondered if you were checking the right spots for new opportunities, read on.

1. Are you on the list? The email list, that is.

Email is the number one place to stay informed about program developments. We’ve set up strategic email lists in relevant categories to share important news and helpful tips—and you can pick and choose the most helpful topics.
  • First things first, make sure we have your current email in your Associates Central account.
  • Visit the user management page in your Associates Central account to confirm the email address shown is correct.
  • If not, follow these steps to update:
    • Click on the top tab marked Add Users then enter your new email address.
    • Click on the Select Access Level drop-down menu and choose the desired access level.
    • Complete the captcha authentication, and hit the Submit button.
    • Before you leave make sure you log out.
Manage Users screen
  • Click on the link sent to your updated email address, follow the prompts to log into Associates Central, and confirm you see your correct, updated email on the user management page.
Now you’re automatically subscribed to the Network Updates list but you have several other options as well. Just visit the email preference center in your Associates Central account to subscribe, unsubscribe—and even resubscribe—to any and all lists to help you earn more as an associate.

Learn how to remove the outdated email address here.
Associate Email Preferences

2. Social Media

The Amazon Associates Program regularly shares updates on multiple platforms. Follow us and join the conversation on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube for tips, news, product how-to’s, Influencer Program tutorials, and member highlights and case studies.
Social Media

If you’re an Amazon Influencer, follow our Influencer Instagram account for program announcements, member videos, and more.

3. Regularly scan the Resource Center

If checking for updates in this Resource Center isn’t already part of your routine, it’s time to work it in. We’re publishing fresh articles weekly with helpful topics from new program features to the latest affiliate marketing best practices to valuable tips for online creators and everything in between.
Resource Center menu
Screenshot of Resource Center
You can bookmark the URL of the Resource Center for quick access.

4. Announcements on Associates Central home

Speaking of Associates Central, you’ve probably noticed a revolving banner on the homepage that highlights new and improved program offerings. Before you scroll past, take a minute to navigate through the banners.
Save time and track all of your Amazon Associates earnings in one place

Our most exciting updates are featured here, and you can click directly on the messages that interest you to learn more.

5. Be inspired, visit Idea Hub

Browse content ideas such as inspirational promotions, events, deals, and products throughout Amazon in one place on Idea Hub. When you see content that interests you, click on the “Get Link” button and copy/paste the link for your site. We refresh this page throughout the day.
Promotions Menu
Screenshot of Idea Hub
These are the best ways to keep up with the goings-on in the Amazon Associates Program. Be sure to save and follow your favorites. Looking forward to staying in touch!
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