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Keeping In Touch with the Associates Program: 5 Ways to Learn About Program Updates, Best Practices and More

There’s a lot going on in the Associates Program — we’re always working to develop new features, tools, and resources to help you nail your work and your affiliate marketing. If you’ve ever worried you were missing important updates, or wondered if you were checking the right spots for news, read on.

Below, we outline all the ways you can stay in touch, and the kinds of info you’ll find in each channel. We bet you’ll pick up a new source or two. Let’s jump in!

1. Email Lists

This is the absolute best place to start in your quest to stay updated on program developments. We’ve set up several email lists in a handful of categories to communicate important news and helpful tips to the Associates community — and you can pick and choose which topics you’d like to track.

You’re automatically subscribed to the Network Updates list as a participant in the program, but you have several other options as well. Just visit the email preference center in your Associates account to select your picks.
Associate Email Preferences
If you’ve unsubscribed from a list in the past and would like to sign back up, you can do that here — just check the corresponding box and save your changes. Likewise, you may also unsubscribe from lists here.

2. YouTube Channel

The Associates Program is on YouTube! On our channel, we’ve uploaded several product how-tos, Influencer Program tutorials, and member highlights and case studies — and there’s much to come. Check it out and subscribe to get notified of new videos.
YouTube Channel Page
In addition to YouTube, if you’re an Amazon Influencer, follow our Influencer Instagram account for program announcements, member videos, and more.

3. Resource Center

If checking the Resource Center in Associates Central isn’t already part of your routine, it’s time to work it in. We’re publishing fresh articles weekly on helpful topics big and small, from new program features to the latest affiliate marketing best practices to valuable tips for online creators and everything in between.
You’ll find the Resource Center under the Help tab in Associates Central; you can also bookmark the URL for quick access.

4. Associates Central Home

Speaking of Associates Central, you’ve probably noticed a revolving banner on the homepage that highlights new and improved program offerings. Before you scroll past, take a minute to navigate through the banners.
Our most exciting updates are featured here, and you can click directly on the messages that interest you to learn more.

5. FAQs

Did you know there’s a whole section of Associates Central dedicated to answering your and your fellow Associates’ top questions? Product Help (which is also under the Help tab) is a catalog of FAQs organized by broad topic areas like Reporting and Getting Paid.
Each category is further broken down into helpful subcategories to help you find your answer quickly and easily. New questions are added regularly so you’ll always have up-to-date info on the topics that interest you most.
These are the best ways to keep up with goings on in the Associates Program. Be sure to save and follow your favorites. Looking forward to staying in touch!
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