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3 ways to earn meaningful associate income
(That aren't product recommendations)

Sharing your favorite products with your audience is a fun and powerful way of generating income as an Amazon Associate. By promoting your tried-and-true items to your audience, you can effectively be the helpful resource they count on, while earning commissions for your brand. It’s a win all around.

But promoting products isn’t the only fruitful associate activity. There are three other types of shopping opportunities your audience would undoubtedly appreciate hearing about that provide great commissions as well. And they’re all right within Associates Central! You’ll find them under the Promotions tab.
Each includes a variety of options, so you’re sure to find brand-appropriate offers that fit seamlessly with the rest of your marketing and content. Here’s the rundown.

Events and special offers

Idea Hub is your source for seasonal offers, ongoing deals, merchandising trends, and more. In addition to sharing individual product recommendations, you’ll find ways to share exciting promotions: big sales, trending items, curated product bundles, and so on. Filter by "Deals & Promotions" and "Events" to view what’s available.
While some deals are evergreen, many are limited-time offers, and new promotions are added daily. Check often!

Each offer listing includes Get Link and/or Get Banner buttons for easy sharing.
Choose from HTML, standard, or short for links, and IFrame or JavaScript in a variety of sizes for banners. However you prefer to promote, you’re covered.

Services and programs

To see what new bounties are available, click the "See all bounties" button. This page includes info and tools for promoting the valuable Amazon services and programs on which you can earn fixed commissions (aka “bounties”).

If you’re new to bounties, check out the Amazon Bounty Program page. This page includes an overview of the program, a helpful intro video, and a “getting started” section with integration tools and tips.
You can also access relevant bounty listings directly through links in this section.
Sharing works the same for bounties as it does for other promotions. Just click the Get Link or Get Banner button, choose your format, and you’re ready to share.

Promo codes

We all know and love promo codes, and you’ll find plenty of great ones to share with your audience on the Amazon Promo Codes page.
Brands that sell on Amazon can create special codes for discounts on their products. To share, you generate unique links to the associated promo code pages. The code is automatically applied to the user’s account, and the discount is shown at checkout.
When a qualifying purchase is made through your link, you earn commissions!

Note: The time-bound and ever-changing nature of many of these promotions makes them especially good for sharing on social media. A promo code or simple short link for an intriguing limited-time offer makes for perfect social content: exciting, ephemeral, and engaging!

While product recommendations are the gold star of affiliate marketing, , we suggest giving these alternatives a try. You’ll be offering even more to your audience while increasing your affiliate income streams—another all-around win!
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