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Let your readers find and explore interesting products from without them leaving your site.
What is the Search Widget?
The Search Widget lets you include an Amazon search box on your page. Any search typed into the search box will show the matching Amazon products inside the widget. This lets your viewers look for Amazon products without ever leaving your page.
When you configure the widget, you can allow viewers to search the entire Amazon catalog, or you can restrict the search to just a single Amazon product group. For example, if your page has reviews of your favorite video games, you can restrict the search box to just search the Video Games product group.
Can I limit the search to a category of my choice?
Yes! When configuring the widget, you can pre-select the Amazon product category that will be searched when viewers enter a search term. This can help you keep your viewers focused on what your page is about. For example, if you are reviewing music, you can pre-select the search category to be only items from the 'Music' category. However, viewers will have an option to change the search category.
Why are the results different as compared to searching on Amazon?
The results shown in this widget are not personalized for users so the results could differ from search results on Amazon.
Will people leave my website by searching on this widget?
The search results are shown on the widget itself. Only when they click on a search result will they be taken to an product detail page in a new window. For search box, viewers will be taken to search results page in a new window.
How do I change my Search Widget once I've put it on my page?
You can visit to create a new widget. When you have finished creating a new widget, it is important that you replace the old ad code by the new ad code in your webpage.
What is auto mode?
In auto-mode, Amazon will serve the optimal search widget size based on the space ("parent container size") allocated on your web site. For fixed sizes, use 320x250, 336x280 or specify your own size in custom mode.
Can I configure the number of search results in the search widget?
Search Widget will always display 10 results.
How do I customize the color of the widget to blend with my website's color?
You can select a light or dark theme to best match your website. You can further customize the widget theme by selecting a custom background hue. The final color of the widget will be a blend of the selected background hue and the selected theme color.
I integrated search widget on my blog hosted by but I don't see the search widget when accessing my blog on mobile devices. What do I do?
Blogspot, WordPress and other platforms may require you to explicitly enable widgets or gadgets for mobile template. Please refer to your blogging platform instructions to enable widgets or gadgets for mobile template.