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Business Spotlight: Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training


We’ve been talking to businesses like you that use the Local Associates program and want to share some tips, tricks and new ideas. Below you’ll learn how Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training, a pet care business located in California, is utilizing the Local Associates program.


Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training is a pet care business located in California that offers training classes and programs for pet owners and their dogs.

Tip #1: Add the products your customers already ask about and group them by list on your page

Customers were already asking Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training about product recommendations for their dogs, from the right treats to use during training or products to use while traveling. It was simple for them to go to their page and add products that customers already have an interest in and ask about – and it only took a few minutes of their time to curate products on their page. They also made sure to take advantage of the list feature on their page – which makes it easier for customers to quickly find what they need based on the type of product.

Tip #2: Look at the ways you already interact with customers for new ways to share your page

In addition to training classes, Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training conducts group workshops for dog owners. During these workshops, they distribute handouts with information that will be discussed in person during the workshop, or materials to have on hand for later on at home. They made sure to print off marketing cards to include as one of the handouts – which has a QR code and the URL for their page. By doing this, Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training has a new way to share their page with customers by incorporating it into something they were already doing.
You can visit their Local Associates page here. Click here to learn more about how to add products to lists on your page, or here on how to share your page. Do you have some unique ideas of how you’ve used the program that you want to share? E-mail us at so we can share with other businesses in the program!
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