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Business Spotlight: Hair Journeys


We’ve been talking to businesses like you that use the Local Associates program and want to share some tips, tricks and new ideas. Below you’ll learn how Hair Journeys, a hair salon located in New York, is utilizing the Local Associates program today.


Hair Journeys is a full service salon located in New York that’s dedicated to providing hair care for women and men as well as make-up and nail services. In addition to salon services, they also sell a limited amount of beauty and hair products in person.

Tip #1: Reduce overhead costs and recommend products you might not carry in person

While Hair Journeys already sells a variety of beauty products in person, it’s not possible to carry inventory on every product they might recommend to a customer. They are able to avoid some of the inventory cost while getting access to a wide assortment of brands on Amazon and recommend products directly from their Local Associates page. It’s easier than ever for them to ensure customers can find the right product they need for their hair, whether it’s in person or through their page.

Tip #2: Display marketing cards in areas where customers are likely to see them while in your business

When customers visit their salon for an appointment, they are often there for a longer period of time. Hair Journeys made sure to print off and display their marketing card in high traffic areas around the salon that a customer is likely to see it, such as the front window of the entrance of the salon, near the waiting area, and at stylist’s stations. Their marketing card has a QR code that a customer can scan on their phone to visit their page, or a URL that can be typed in a web browser. This makes it easy for Hair Journeys to point out their page in person, or let customers come across it themselves.
You can visit their Local Associates page here. Click here to learn more about how to add products to lists on your page, or here on how to share your page. Do you have some unique ideas of how you’ve used the program that you want to share? E-mail us at so we can share with other businesses in the program!
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