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Business Spotlight: Climb Up


We’ve been talking to businesses like you that use Local Associates and want to share some tips, tricks and new ideas. Below you’ll learn how Climb Up, a climbing gym located in Oklahoma, is utilizing the Local Associates program.


Climb Up is a climbing gym with two locations in Oklahoma. They offer expert instruction through climbing lessons and classes, in addition to having a pro shop on site where they offer a limited selection of climbing gear and accessories.

Tip #1: Think about the type of products customers already ask you about, or what sells well in person.

Climb Up sells a limited mix of products like climbing gear and accessories at their climbing gym. They examined what products are most popular with customers to get an idea of what’s worked well and recommended similar products they don’t carry inventory on their page. Additionally, Climb Up noticed that many of their customers would browse and ask for product recommendations in their gym’s shop, but ultimately went online to make their purchase. They added popular product recommendations they were frequently asked about. By considering what products sell well and what’s asked about frequently, they were able to curate products on their page that are most relevant to their customer. Click here to check out what their page looks like.

Tip #2: Place marketing cards in visible locations throughout your business

Climb Up offers climbing lessons, classes and other fitness options at their locations, so their customers can spend more time in their business. Climb Up placed marketing cards throughout their gym to catch the attention of customers who are there for lessons. They were placed near benches where customers gear up, near climbing walls, or by the front desk. If Climb Up isn’t able to talk to a customer during their visit, at least they can leverage the marketing cards to boost awareness of their page.
You can visit their Local Associates page here. Click here to learn more about how to add products to your page, or here on how to share your page. Do you have some unique ideas of how you’ve used the program that you want to share? E-mail us at so we can share with other businesses in the program!
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