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Business Spotlight: AD.visory Solutions


We’ve been talking to businesses like you that use Local Associates and want to share some tips, tricks and new ideas. Below you’ll learn how AD.visory Solutions, an IT consulting business located in New York, is utilizing the Local Associates program.


AD.visory Solutions is an IT consulting business in New York. They offer expert technology strategy and solutions for clients in various fields, such as advertising, education, medical, and non-profit.

Tip #1: If there’s a product you were already recommending on Amazon, add it to your page.

AD.visory Solutions is focused on finding custom technology solutions or strategies. For every client, they are seeking individual product recommendations and typically looking in a variety of places to find what they need - both online and offline. Before they joined Local Associates, AD.visory Solutions would sometimes look to Amazon anyways for product recommendations. With their Local Associates page, AD.visory Solutions can add the products they were already recommending to clients from Amazon to their page. Now, they can get credit for those recommendations and earn money from it.

Tip #2: Give customers more ways to find your page by adding a link to your website or social media account.

Consulting projects often extend over a period of time, and not all interaction or communication with clients happens in person. To help give current or prospective clients more ways to find their page at any time, AD.visory Solutions added a link on their website to their Local Associates page. This gives AD.visory Solutions another way to raise awareness of their Local Associates page outside of directly sharing in person - such as using the marketing cards or QR codes. Any business in the program is able to add their page link to their website, social media, and other business materials. The more ways you share, the more ways a customer can find what they need and your business can earn money.
You can visit their Local Associates page here. Click here to learn more about how to add products to your page, or here on how to share your page. Do you have some unique ideas of how you’ve used the program that you want to share? E-mail us at so we can share with other businesses in the program!
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