About Local Associates
Program Overview
  • Get your page
    Get your own page
    You get a customizable page on Amazon.com where you can add product recommendations.
  • Recommend products
    Recommend products
    Customers value your advice. Help them get the right product even you if don't carry it.
  • Share your page
    Share your page
    Share your page with customers where they can visit and shop your product recommendations.
  • Amazon ships product
    Amazon ships product
    After a customer makes a purchase, Amazon takes care of the rest while you earn money.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does Local Associates work?
    With Local Associates, you now get a personalized page on Amazon to showcase your recommendations and can earn when your customers make a qualifying purchase. To learn more about the Amazon Local Associates program, see our full program FAQs.
  • Does this program cost anything?
    No, this program is free for business to join. Customers pay the same price as they would for any other product on Amazon.
  • Who can join Local Associates?
    Local Associates is open to registered businesses. This program is ideal for businesses who provide expertise and product recommendations to customers, but who don’t carry inventory or have limited inventory. Learn more
Become a Local Associate