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UK traffic monetization FAQs

  1. What is being launched and how does it benefit me?
    Native Shopping Ads will now show ads from to users from the United Kingdom (UK). So far, Native Shopping Ads displayed products only from, irrespective of the country of the visiting user. After adopting this solution, UK visitors on your site will see ads from Amazon UK, and upon clicking these ads, they would be re-directed to This has proven to increase engagement and conversions, and you can expect to see an increase in your earnings from Native Shopping Ads.

  2. How is this solution different from OneLink? Why is it not applicable to users visiting from Canada as well, like OneLink?
    The UK traffic monetization feature is for Native Shopping Ads, whereas, OneLink is a geo-redirect solution, applicable only for text links. OneLink redirects users from UK/Canada to product pages in the respective Amazon marketplace when they click a text link.
    In this case, Native Shopping Ads on your pages will display products from the UK catalog with prices in GBP when the visiting user is browsing from the UK.
    Currently, this feature is only available for UK visitors. We are working on making this feature available for Canada visitors as well. Until then, your Canada visitors will continue seeing products from US catalog, i.e., from

  3. Can I use this solution together with OneLink?
    Yes. This solution is for Native Shopping Ads while OneLink applies to text links. You can use them together.

  4. What do I need to do to enable this solution?
    To start monetizing UK traffic on your site, you need to have an account in Amazon Associates UK and map the same to your US account/store. If you have already mapped your stores while setting up OneLink, then you need not do anything else. Your default UK tracking ID will be the UK store ID. You may choose a different tracking ID as well while mapping the stores. Click here to view a detailed guide on UK traffic monetization.

  5. I have already started using OneLink. Should I map my stores again to enable this solution?
    No. Mapping the stores across US and UK is a common pre-requisite for this solution and OneLink. The same mapping would apply to both solutions. So, you only need to map your stores once. If you have already mapped your stores while setting up OneLink, you do not have to do anything else.

  6. Is it mandatory to have a UK store for monetizing UK traffic?
    Yes, we can credit your earnings from the UK only to your UK store. Till you map your UK store, we will continue to serve ads from even if the visitor is from the UK. If you have not signed up with the UK program yet, you can sign up here. You may choose to use the same account credentials as your US store if you find it convenient to do so.

  7. How do I get paid if I do not have a bank account in the UK?
    It is not mandatory for you to open up a bank account in the UK if you don’t have one already. The fees for your conversions in the UK can be paid out in the form of gift cards as well as cheques (drawn against a US bank account). You may select the appropriate payment method when you sign up on Associates Central (UK). The payment methods available can be configured in ‘Account settings.’
    Your account settings

    Click on ‘Change Payment Method’ under the section ‘Payment and Tax Information’ and choose an alternative payment method that suits you.

  8. Can I change the default tracking ID to which I want to map all of my UK traffic?
    Yes. When you map your UK store with the US store, all of your traffic from the UK is monetized against the tracking ID which is the same as your store ID in the UK. You may change it to any other tracking ID (belonging to the UK store) of your choice.

  9. Are the ads shown to the UK visitors the same as shown to the US visitors?
    No. The ads shown for UK visitors on a certain page are selected such that they closely match the US ads. However, this does not guarantee that the same products would be shown as ads for the UK.

  10. Is it applicable to all ad variants?
    This solution currently works for Recommendation and Search Ads only.

  11. Why is it not made available on Custom Ads?
    We will follow up with the Custom Ads support very soon.

  12. I have mapped my stores, but Native Shopping Ads are still not showing UK ads for my UK traffic. What do I do?
    Here is the checklist to troubleshoot such an issue.

    1. Please make sure you have mapped your US/UK stores.
    2. If you are using Recommendation Ads variant, wait a few minutes! It takes that much time for Recommendation Ads to show up on a page for the first time after the ad code is inserted into the page.
    3. Specify fallback search phrase in case you are using Recommendation Ads. If the content on the page is not related to products, there may not be enough recommendations available for the ads to show up.
    If all of the above have been validated, then the ads should start showing up in some time.

  13. Where can I see my earnings?
    You can view earnings from UK traffic in Associates Central UK. The reports are available in the section ‘Reports’ > ‘Fees’> 'Link Type Performance.’

  14. How will the earnings be computed for the UK traffic?
    The earnings will be calculated based on the rate plans applicable to the UK associates program and will be accrued against your UK store /tracking ID chosen while mapping the US/UK stores.

  15. Why are my average monthly Native Shopping Ads impressions in US lower, after I enabled this solution?
    The impressions from the UK users are recorded and tracked against your UK store once you enable the solution. Therefore, the impressions for your US store might now seem lesser than earlier. However, the total number of impressions against your US and UK store should be considered for such a comparison to be precise.

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