How do I build links that let customers add products directly to their Shopping Carts?

Links that add products directly to customers' Shopping Carts smooth the buying process and typically convert significantly better than links to product detail pages. You can build add-to-cart links in several ways:
  • Enhanced Product Links: Visit Build Links and build Product Links that are served by us. They include the product image, title, price, and an add-to-cart button. All you have to do is copy the code to your site!
  • Add-to-Cart Buttons: Create an add-to-cart button on your Web site for items offered by Amazon by copying and modifying the following code. Replace "storeid-20" with your Associates ID and "B00003CWT6" with the ASIN of the Amazon product you wish to promote. If you are a Product Advertising API subscriber, you should also replace the Subscription ID.

    <form method="GET" action=""> <input type="hidden" name="AssociateTag" value="storeid-20"/> <input type="hidden" name="SubscriptionId" value="[AWSAccessKeyId]"/> <input type="hidden" name="ASIN.1" value="B00003CWT6"/><br/> <input type="hidden" name="Quantity.1" value="1"/><br/> <input type="image" name="add" value="Buy from" border="0" alt="Buy from" src=""> </form>
  • Amazon Product Advertising API Remote Shopping Cart: For the greatest amount of control and influence over your visitors' shopping experience, use Product Advertising API to build a remote Shopping Cart on your site. As they browse your site, your visitors will be able to add products to their cart without having to leave the page. When they're finally ready to complete their order, the contents of their cart will be available at for secure checkout. Learn more about Product Advertising API.

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