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What is PIN Verification?

We use PIN verification to protect your account and information. During the application process you will need to be able to receive a phone call and enter the PIN provided.

I didn’t get a PIN verification phone call, what should I do? Usually, an error occurs if your phone line is busy. Also, some phone call screening services may block our call. If you have subscribed to a call screening or anonymous call blocking service through your telephone company, you may need to temporarily disable this feature to receive the PIN verification phone call.
It's possible there is a typo in the phone number as it was entered during the registration process. Make sure you add a “+” symbol and include your country code if you're outside of the United States. Example: +12062662992. Log out of your Amazon.com account and log into https://affiliate-program.amazon.com to go back to the registration process and verify that the phone number entered is correct.

If you would like to request another call, please return to the registration process to try again.

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