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How do I use the new Orders Reports to identify products with high potential?

Our new Orders Reports combine information about orders, clicks, and conversion to make it easier for you to identify products that are top performers, products that are not as successful, and additional products you might want to promote.

Beyond looking at the absolute number of orders, you can also compare direct-link conversion for products you promote. Orders Reports display, for each product ordered, how many times a customer clicked through to it directly from your site via a Product Link or add-to-cart button, how many orders were placed, and the resulting direct-link conversion. You can also see how many other orders were placed after customers clicked through to other Amazon.com pages. As an example of how you can use this information, consider three products in an Orders Report, all of which have three orders:

This Associate is doing a good job of merchandising Product A. Though relatively few people have clicked through to its detail page, 20% of those visitors have gone on to purchase it, a rather high percentage.

Since Product A appears to be relevant to this Associate's Web site's visitors and the merchandising information is compelling enough to cause many of them to place an order, the Associate may want to consider promoting it more prominently. Product B isn't yet living up to its potential. Although the Associate's promotion is generating over three times as many clicks as for Product A, only 4% of those clicks are converting to orders, significantly less than Product A's 20% conversion.

The Associate may want to improve Product B's merchandising content, replace it with a similar product that has a higher sales rank or better customer reviews, or simply de-emphasize it. Finally, Product C is an example of an item with high potential that the Associate might want to begin promoting, or promoting better. No visitors have clicked through to its product detail page from the Associate's site, either because he is not yet linking to it or the link is buried in his site.

Nevertheless, three customers have gone on to purchase it after following another of his links to Amazon.com. This indicates an interest in this product among the Associate's visitors, and presents an opportunity for him to generate additional earnings by adding direct links to the product in prominent locations on his site.

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