How do I add products to my page?

To add products to your page, simply go to and search for the product you’d like to add. Once you are on the product page, click on the ‘Add to List’ dropdown (located on the right) and select ‘Influencer List’. You can do this from your desktop, mobile web or in the Amazon app.
Here are some things to keep in mind when adding products to your page:
•Think about products that your followers frequently ask you about, or products that you recommend through your website, blog or social media accounts
•When you add new products to your page, be sure to tell your followers and share your vanity URL.
•Once you have started to add products to your page, you can review your page two different ways:
  • In the Influencer section of Associates Central, go to the ‘Manage Your Product List’ section. You will be redirected your ‘influencer list’ in the List section of your account on Amazon (a new window or tab will open in your browser).
  • On the Amazon website (logged in with your Associates Central email address), you can view your list under ‘Account & Lists’ in the top right corner under your name.
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