• Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Q1. What is OneLink and how will it benefit me?   
OneLink is a script based solution that allows you to monetize your international traffic from United Kingdom (UK) and Canada. When visitors click on a text link to buy a product on Amazon, they prefer to buy via their “local” Amazon marketplace, as this is where they have an account, can see pricing in their local currency and have reasonable, if not free shipping costs. OneLink allows for the best user experience by creating a seamless redirect for your UK and Canada visitors, allowing them the ability to complete their purchases within their local Amazon store. This leads to a better shopping experience for your customers, and better conversion rates for you.

Q2. How do I start using OneLink?   
Getting started is easy and requires a one-time setup. To monetize the UK and Canada traffic, you will need an account in Amazon Associates UK/Canada Program. If you do not already have an existing account, sign up here for UK https://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk, and for Canada, here: https://associates.amazon.ca. Click here for a detailed Integration Guide for OneLink.

Q3. Why do I need to place the oneTag script on my site? Does it interfere with other scripts on my site?   
oneTag script analyzes the Amazon links on your site and is responsible for interacting with our systems to redirect the UK visitors to amazon.co.uk and Canada visitors to amazon.ca, when a product match is found. It works for all existing as well as new links. oneTag script does not interfere with any other script on your site.

Integration and Preferences

Q4.  What is the difference between Exact Product Match and Close Product Match preferences?   
If you choose Exact Product Match as a preference, your UK and Canada visitors will be redirected only if the same product has a perfect match on amazon.co.uk and amazon.ca. In the absence of an exact match, the user will be redirected to amazon.com.   
If you choose the Close Product Match preference, your visitors will be redirected if there is a similar product, or to the search results page in the absence of a similar product on amazon.co.uk and amazon.ca. By default, we will set the preference to Close Product Match for maximum monetization.

Q5. How can I check where my UK and Canada readers will be redirected?   
The “Check Matching Products” section on the OneLink page allows you to check where your UK and Canada visitors will be redirected for a given US product link.

Q6. Why do I need to map my US/UK and US/Canada store IDs?   
Mapping the store ID allows us to replace your US tracking ID(s) with your mapped UK/Canada tracking ID when we redirect UK visitors to amazon.co.uk and Canada visitors to amazon.ca, thereby attributing conversions that happen on amazon.co.uk to your UK Associates account and Canada to your Canada Associates account.

Q7. What about the traffic my site(s) get from other countries?   
Traffic from other countries will continue to get directed to amazon.com pages.

Q8.  Does OneLink work for all Amazon text links?   
Yes, as long as you have completed the one-time setup and use Amazon full links or Amazon short links on your site. Shortened links created by third-party link shorteners are currently not supported and will not be redirected.

Q9. Does it work for readers on mobile devices?   

Reporting and Payment

Q10. Where can I see my earnings from redirected traffic?   
Earnings through the redirected traffic are available in the ‘Redirected traffic’ section of the Link Type Performance report in your UK and Canada accounts.

Q11. How will my earnings for the redirected traffic be calculated?   
Your redirected earnings will be calculated based on the standard fee table applicable for the UK and Canada programs.

Q12. How would I get paid for my redirected traffic?   
Your redirected earnings will accrue in your UK or Canada account and will be paid through the payment method you choose in your UK or Canada account settings.

Q13. Do I need a UK or Canada bank account to get paid?   
Not necessarily. If you do not have a UK or Canada bank account, you can choose to get paid either through check payment or a gift card.

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