Prime Day 2017 FAQs

Prime Day 2017 – FAQ
    1. What is Prime Day?
      Answer: Started in 2015, Prime Day is our annual deals event just for Prime members. We want Prime Day to be one of the world’s best days to shop, with awesome prices on everything your readers are into. We’re bringing hundreds of thousands of deals, new deals starting every five minutes, and special offers across everything included with Prime—from music and video to reading and voice shopping. To get a sense of the earnings opportunity for Prime Day 2017, review the results from Prime Day 2016 through this press release:
    2. How do I maximize earnings? Are there examples of successful associates’ content from past Prime Days?
      Answer: In addition to earning commission on regular product sales you drive on, promote Lead-Up deals from select services such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Video, Kindle Unlimited and Audible, and you will also earn fixed advertising fees (or bounties) for every qualifying free trial and/or membership signup you drive starting on July 1, 2017. Remind your readers that they must be Prime members to take advantage of Prime Day deals. You will earn bounty for every qualifying Prime Free Trial signup you drive via and Remember to add your associate tracking ID to all links so you don’t miss out on earnings. Check out examples of winning associate strategies from Prime Day 2016 here.
    3. Where do I go to retrieve details on Lead-Up and Prime Day deals?
      Answer: Due to the short duration of Prime Day, and the Lead-Up period before the event, your best sources for staying up-to-date on deals is the Associates Newsletter,, and the promotion hub on Associates Central. Starting July 5, 2017 through July 11, 2017, expect to receive a daily Associates Newsletter with the latest deals and updates for that day. To help you deliver expert content, you may also go to to access the Insider’s Guide to Prime Day. Teach your readers tips and tricks to maximize their Prime Day, so they get the best deals while you optimize earnings.
    4. Where can I go to retrieve Prime Day banner links?
      Answer: Banner links will be available as usual through the banner hub on Associates Central starting June 29, 2017.
    5. Where do I go to learn about NEW bounties I can promote for Prime Day?
      Answer: Due to the short duration of Prime Day, and the Lead-Up period before the event, your best sources for learning about new and relevant bounties will be via the Associates Newsletter (make sure to check your inbox and spam folder daily starting June 29, 2017) and by checking this Bounty Help Page. Of course, you will still continue earning on every day bounties available in the Promotions tab on Associate Central (also on Table 2 of the Fee Statement).
    6. If I can only promote one bounty for Prime Day, what should it be?
      Answer: Since only Prime members can take advantage of Prime Day deals, the core bounty to promote is the Prime membership signup. New for 2017, all associates will earn a fixed advertising fee (or bounty) for every qualifying Prime signup (30-day Free Trial or Paid Membership) you drive via (starting July 1, 2017). Of course, you will continue earning for any qualifying free trial signups you drive to the existing bounty page. Just remember to add your associate tracking ID to all links so you don’t miss out on earnings.
    7. How is Prime Day 2017 different from Prime Day 2016 for my readers?
      Answer: More time to Shop! Prime customers will get six extra hours to shop Prime Day deals this year.

      Easier to find deals! Prime Members will be able to search for deals based on their interest. There will be 22 interests spread across tech, beauty, games, fashion, home, sports, pets, etc. that your readers will be able to personalize. Relevant deals are that much easier this year to find and take advantage of. Go to to learn more about this new feature.

      Shop for deals using voice! Shopping with Alexa-enabled devices means your readers’ Prime Day will be better. Alexa will let your readers shop Prime Day Spotlight deals starting at 4pm PST on Monday July 10, 2017 – two hours before everyone else.

    8. Prime Day is a bit overwhelming for my readers. Is there an “Insider’s Guide” available that will teach me, as an end customer, in how I can optimize my shopping for Prime Day?
      Answer: Yes! You can access this Insider’s Guide at This guide contains great Prime Day tips and tricks that your readers will really appreciate. It will help them prepare and take full advantage of the best deals for their Prime Day.
    9. Is there a live person I can talk to about Prime Day from an associates’ perspective?
      Answer: You can contact Amazon Associates Customer Service for assistance.
    10. Will I get earnings for sales made via Voice Shopping on Alexa devices?
      Answer: No, we do not have the capability to track voice shopping sales transactions back to our associates. You will earn commission for sales of Alexa-powered devices like Echo and Dot. You will also earn bounties for promoting Prime Membership Free Trials and Prime Membership purchases. In order for your readers to Voice Shop, they will need to be Prime Members and have access to Alexa-powered devices. Learn more about Voice Shopping here:
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